Yearbook Japan 2013

Yearbook Japan, 2013, Vol. 42, 412 p. ISBN 978-5-91022-199-8



Dmitry Streltsov. Elections to the House of Councillors: Certain Results and Contemplations
Pyotr Pavlenko. The End of the Epoch of “Grey-headed Revolutionaries” 25
Dmitry Saprykin. Decentralization is an integral part of Abenomics 44
Elena Leontyeva. Japanese Economy in 2012–2013. The New Economic Policy 60
Irina Lebedeva. The Japanese Quality: Economic Aspects
Lyubov Karelova. The Principles of the Buddhist and Confucian Ethics in the Formation of the Concept of Corporate Social Responsibility in Contemporary Japan
Seda Markaryan. Japanese Housing System as a Catalyst and an Indicator of Socio-economic Developments 101
Elena Bolshova, Denis Scherbakov. Japanese Investment to the Russian Economy 120
Larisa Zhilina. Japan and Russia: Ways of the Creation of Public Opinion on the Counterpart Country 135
Maxim Grachev. Fujiwara Atsumitsu’s Report “Kanjin” (“Investigations”, 1135)
Svyatoslav Polkhov. “Yuki-shi shinhatto” — the Prince's Legislation and Admonition for the Vassals in the Sengoku Period 175
Anna Oskina. Kaibara Ekiken and his “Precepts for Girls”
Vadim Klimov. Greeting Ceremonies and its Projects for Japanese Mission (1862) 216
Vladimir Datsyshen. Japanese Workers in the Fishing Industry in the Russian Far East 237
Alexander Kulanov. Media Scandal with Russian Seminarians in the Evidences of its Participants 250
Maria Toropygina. The Poetic Career of Kamo no Chomei 265
Nadezhda Trubnikova. The “Way of Songs” and “the Way of Buddha”: a Monastic View on Japanese Poetry in the “Anthology of Sand and Stones” 290
Alexander Mescheryakov. Beauty of Japanese Nature in the Interpretation of the Shiga Shigetaka 312
Svetlana Mikhaylova. Vasily Vereshchagin’s Sketches on Japan. Last year 333
Lyudmila Ermakova, Tanaka Keko, Hiyama Sinyiti. On One Japanese Collection (the First Harp in Japan and the Soviet Union of 1930s) 357
Yulia Stonogina. Ritual as the Basis of Communication in Japan 373
Anastasiya Fedorova. The Father of Japanese Documentaries Kamei Fumio and his Soviet Teachers 388
The Authors 402
Summaries 403