Yearbook Japan 2021

Yearbook Japan. 2021. Vol. 50 / Institute of Oriental Studies of RAS; Association of Japanologists of Russia. Moscow: Nauka — Vostochnaya Literatura, 2021. 368 p., ill. ISBN 978-5-02-039883-2


The present issue of Yearbook Japan presents articles by leading Russian Japanese Studies scholars analyzing the problems of the present-day Japanese society and state, as well as the problems of history and culture of Japan.

The edition is aimed at specialists in country studies, as well as at all those interested in Japan.



Dobrinskaya O. A. Japan’s Approach Towards Quadrilateral Cooperation in the Indo-Pacific Region 9 PDF


Lebedeva I. P. About Poverty and Inequality in Japan 32 PDF
Timonina I. L. Japan on the Way to Sustainable Development: Green Financing 61 PDF
Zhilina L. V. Japan: Lockdown Generation 89 PDF
Grigorieva N. S. Activities of Non-Governmental Organizations in Japan: The Case of the Japan Foundation for Incentive Scholarships for Students, 1992–2006 111 PDF


Baksheev E. S. Funerary Structures of the Yayoi and Kofun Periods and the Birth of Japanese Statehood 130 PDF
Molodyakov V. E. Continental Policy of Japan as Seen from France: Japanese Expansion in China and French Political World 163 PDF
Sarkisov K. O. The Tianjin Incident: The “Far Eastern Munich” 184 PDF
Zorikhin A. G. The Fighting in South Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands in August 1945 Based on New Materials 202 PDF
Datsyshen V. G. Irkutsk Branch of the USSR-Japan Society: From the History of People’s Diplomacy in Soviet-Japanese Relations 222 PDF


Petrova A. A. Amidaist Practices in Zoku Honchō Ōjōden 250 PDF
Fedianina V. A. Womаn and Power in Gukanshō: Japanese Female Sovereigns 265 PDF
Shorokhova E. S. “Women’s Duel”: Dazai Osamu’s Literary Experiments 297 PDF
Kiknadze D. G. The Path of Japanese Setsuwa Prose in Soviet and Russian Japanese Studies 320 PDF
Magera Yu. A. The Semiotic Concept of Natsume Fusanosuke in the Study of Manga Expressions 342 PDF


Nechaeva L. T. About the 3rd International Scientific and Practical Conference “Japanese Language in Educational Space” 358 PDF