Yearbook Japan 2020

Yearbook Japan, 2020, Vol. 49. Moscow: Association of Japanologists of Russia, 2020, 512 p. ISBN 978-5-02-039872-6


The present issue of Yearbook Japan presents articles by leading Russian Japanese Studies scholars analyzing the problems of the present-day Japanese society and state, as well as the problems of history and culture of Japan. The edition is aimed at specialists in country studies, as well as at all those interested in Japan.



Panov A.N. Mori Yoshirō: Man and Politician 9 PDF
Streltsov D.V. “The Diplomacy of Apologies” in the Foreign Policy of Postwar Japan 29 PDF


Zhilina L.V. COVID-19: Japanese Traditions against a New Challenge 62 PDF
Lebedeva I.P. Education and Starting Opportunities of Japanese Youth 86 PDF
Kulneva P.V. Taiwan as a Part of Japanese Companies’ Economic Strategy in East Asia 121 PDF
Mishchenko Ya.V. Japan in Regional Integration: Problems, Challenges, and Prospects 157 PDF
Abacheva Z.A. Tokyo Megacity: Past, Present, and Future 175 PDF


Datsyshen V.G. Military Japanese Studies in the Far East in the Early 20th Century 191 PDF
Marakhonova S.I. Serge Elisséeff: Life and Career 218 PDF
Molodyakov V.E. Continental Policy of Japan as Seen from France: From Manchurian Incident to China Incident 253 PDF
Meshcheryakov A.N. The Image of a «Hero» in Japan during World War II 274 PDF


Vinogradova T.I., Toropygina M.V. On the History of Japanese Philological Studies: Shimizu Hamaomi’s Introduction to Kara monogatari (1809) 299 PDF
Zaberezhnaya O.A. Mushanokōji Saneatsu in the Eyes of Contemporaries 324 PDF
Sarkisov K.O. Chaliapin and Russian Musical Culture in Japan (20–30s of 20th century) 345 PDF
Romanenko A.S. The Metaphysical and Ontological Basis of Martin Heidegger’s and Eihei Dōgen’s Teachings: Marking the Problem Field of Comparative Philosophical Study 371 PDF
Katasonova E.L. Koreeda Hirokazu: Pain and Fears of Modern Man 390 PDF


Trubnikova N.N. Tales of India in Buddha Age in Konjaku monogatarishū 419 PDF
“The Thunder God”. The Kabuki Play Narukami Introduction, translation, and comments by V. V. Khomchenkova 454 PDF


Strugova Ye.V., Korchagina T.I., Nechayeva L.T., Gurevich T.M. Anniversary of Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Vladimir Mikhaylovich Alpatov 496 PDF