Yearbook Japan 2015

Yearbook Japan, 2015, Vol. 44, 349 p.



Valery Kistanov. The Policy of Japan in Northeast Asia: Certain Issues and Trends 7
Oleg Kazakov. Russian-Japanese relations in 2014 20
Olga Dobrinskaya. The Characteristic Features of Japan’s Soft Power in Central Asia 36
Eva Arutyunyan. Japan’s Policy in the Persian Gulf Region During the Periods of Iran – Iraq War and Iran – Kuwait Conflict 57
Nelly Leshchenko. The History of the Nakai House from the Province of Omi 65
Larisa Zhilina. Tell me: Who is your friend? Japan VS China 76
Ksenia Naka. The Nobel Prize of Shinya Yamanaka as an Occasion for Rethinking the Role of Science and the Mission of a Scientist in Japan 92
Ekaterina Bolshova, Alina Scherbakova, Denis Scherbakov. Investment cooperation of Japan with Brazil and Mexico: current state and perspectives 104
Anastasia Lozhkina. The All-Union Society for Cultural Ties with Abroad and the Development of Soviet-Japanese cultural relations (1925–1939) 119
Vladimir Datsyshen. The Japanese in the Descriptions of the Participants of the Soviet-Japanese war of 1945 132
Evgeny Baksheev. On Ryukyuan Cosmogonic Myths 144
Yury Kuzhel. Buddhist Dry-lacquer Statues and Clay Sculptures 166
Vasily Molodyakov. The Japan of Claude Farrere: the Image of the Country and its Politics through the Eyes of a French Intellectual 182
Olga Zaberezhnaya. The Ethical Thought of the Japanese White Birch Society (Shirakabaha) – the Problem of Egoism 198
Aida Suleimenova. The birth of the New Woman in Japan and the point of view of Okamoto Kanoko 201
Катасонова Е.Л. Якудза-эйга: история жанра 225
Егорова Н.Н. Путь японской книги: история печатной книги от древности до наших дней 241
О национальной идентичности России и Японии. Часть 1.
Панов А.Н. Введение 263
Саркисов К.О., Панов А.Н. Россия и Япония: Особенности исторического развития в XVI - XVIII веках 289
Панов А.Н. Эпоха реформ в России и Японии (середина XIX века - начало XX века) 304
The Authors of the Yearbook Japan 2015 338
Summaries 340
For the Authors 344